Welsh: Study Help

I can help with Welsh language and literature. I work with clients ranging from those doing GCSE exams, to adult learners just starting out on their "language journey," to people who want to "brush up" on their language skills and gain confidence.

I began learning Welsh several years ago in Tŷ Tawe in Swansea City Centre. I love the language and enjoy studying very much. I sat the A-Level exam for Second-Language Speakers in June 2017, and I got a "distinction." I also gained "distinctions" in advanced courses provided on-line by Swansea University ("Cwrs Gloywi") and Aberystwyth University ("Cwrs Graenus").


In 2016 I received a great honour when I won a prize called the "Learners' Prose Medal" in the National Eisteddfod. 


I was appointed as a Welsh Tutor for Adults working for Academi Hywel Teifi in Swansea University in January 2020. I also use the language to help school students who are studying Welsh, and science and maths through the medium of Welsh.


Since 2017 I've been working as a volunteer for the online digital magazine Parallel.Cymru, providing articles, creative writing, and helping with editing, proof-reading, and translation, and have gained excellent experience doing this. I've translated the most popular page "Ask Dr Gramadeg" from English to Welsh, and as a result, have been paid through a grant from the Welsh Books Council to provide more examples for this educational resource, as well as lots of other content.


I was nominated by four separate students / groups (two groups at the university, and two private students) for an "Inspire! Tutor Award" in 2021. I was nominated again in 2022, both by university and private groups, and this time was one of the finalists in the competition.


The commendation from 2021 states:


"The Learning and Work Institute would like to congratulate you for all your achievements. We certainly recognize the excellent work you do, and your obvious determination in going an extra step to support and inspire your learners to achieve their aims and their dreams ... We are grateful for your support and your commitment promoting the role of life-long learning in Wales."


And in 2023 I received the feedback:


"Although you were not selected as the final award winner, we at Learning and Work Institute would like to congratulate you on your success in being a finalist. As a finalist, you were one of a small group of tutors being considered by our expert panel. The panel have an incredibly difficult job in choosing a final award winner and this year was no exception. We recognise the impact of the wonderful work that you do, to contribute to the adult learning sector and your commitment to go over and above, to support and inspire your learners to transform their lives through adult education."


In 2022, I was most honoured to be nominated by a group of private Welsh for Adults students for the "Chancellor's Award" at Swansea University in the category of "Outstanding contributions to our University's role as a champion for heritage and culture and Wales." I had been teaching this group through the University (on the WJEC/CBAC Mynediad Course) and have carried on working with them privately at their request (on the WJEC/CBAC Sylfaen Course) when no other suitable corporate provision could be arranged. We are now about halfway through the course, and looking forward to attacking Canolradd and Uwch together in the future!


See:     Parallel Cymru     Creative Writing 


A-Level and GCSE students


[August 2022] Physics and Welsh Second Language WJEC GCSE: "I am very grateful to Patrick. He is very organised with lessons, puts a lot of efforts and [is] a[n] experienced professional My daughter is very happy with his GCSE tutoring. She doesn’t struggle anymore with Physics and Welsh. We will continue. Definitely recommend to anyone who would like to understand better subjects or have good grades. Thank you, Patrick."


[July 2021] GCSE Maths WJEC (Welsh-medium) Year 9: "[R] got 96% in her end of year test, so thank you!"


[June 2021] GCSE Welsh Second Language WJEC: “Welsh is my daughter’s third language. She never had confidence in it. I was worried about my daughter. With your guidance, my daughter has developed into a confident [learner]. Thank you for your hard work in supporting my daughter. I would recommend Patrick Jemmer. He is very supportive, a Great Listener and creates a comfortable environment for the learner. We are pleased with the service.”


[June 2021] A-Level (Welsh Medium) WJEC Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Physics (A*): “Hi Patrick, I had my provisional results yesterday, and these are the grades I should get on 10th of August if WJEC don’t change them. We have been told that it is very unlikely they will interfere. I had 5 A* in Maths, Physics, Further Maths [...] I am very happy! Thank you for all the help and resources you have provided – it’s clear they’ve made a difference! Diolch!”


[August 2020] "Patrick really helped my son with his Maths GCSEs [Welsh-medium]. I would recommend him."


[July 2020] "[My daughter] had 3 As for maths [Welsh-medium KS3] in her end of school report, so thank you!!"


[May 2019] "Thank you so much, Patrick! [My son] is getting such a lot from your sessions [in GCSE Welsh Literature by SKYPE] ... Patrick has gone above and beyond every week and has given such fantastic, constructive feedback to my son. We would highly recommend him ... [He] is so much more confident with his Welsh Lit studies and has had several positive comments from his teacher at school too!"



Adult Welsh Learners


[November 2023] Adult Welsh Learner based in Russia: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad online after 1st session: "By the way you can't imagine how happy I am. I started listening to BBC Cymru and could understand 6! words 😊 Looking forward to our next lesson."


[November 2023] Adult Welsh Learner: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad online after 1st session:  "[...] you are a super teacher – amazing how you controlled the group."


[July 2023] Adult Welsh Learner: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad revision online"Prynhawn Da Patrick. Apologies for not have emailed you sooner to thank you for the excellent revision course that you ran. It was good to be able to do things at a more leisurely rate and have things explained. I do sometimes feel that the units try to cover too much in the 2.5 hours available to us in class. The notes and information sheets you have sent have been really useful and a big help. It was good to meet other learners and see that they were working at a similar level to myself and it was what you would have expected after the entry level course. Many thank for all the encouragement [D.P.]"


[August 2023] Adult Welsh Learner: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad revision online: "I would like to thank you for your excellent tuition, help and brilliant resources over the last year. Our class could not have had a better start to learning Welsh. Diolch yn fawr!"


[July 2023] Adult Welsh Learner: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad online: "The last nine months seem to have disappeared in a flash! Thank you for leading such an engaging and informative course: after barely being able to count to ten in Welsh in September I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the sessions each week, learning alongside our little group and am looking forward to continuing with the next level. Hwyl Fawr."


[July 2023] Adult Welsh Learner: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad online"I’d just like to say a huge thank you to you for your amazing teaching over the year. I’ve really enjoyed the lessons ... Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to the rest of the class, [I've] really enjoyed learning alongside them and I think that we made a great team! Diolch yn fawr iawn! All best wishes."


[July 2023] Adult Welsh Learner: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad online: "Thank you so much for your amazing lessons!! I really enjoyed every minute of it and always looked forward to my Welsh classes on Fridays! You are [an 'athro gwych']!! [...] I am actually moving for 6 months to Trevelin in Patagonia from September because my partner has a temporary position teaching Cymraeg in a school there ... So I am super excited and will hopefully be communicating more in Welsh there, as well as carrying on with Sylfaen. Hope you have a great summer!! Diolch yn fawr!"


[June 2023] Adult Welsh Learner: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad online"I like your style of teaching and I’d prefer to stick with you as a teacher if possible."


[June 2023] Adult Welsh Learner, preparation for WJEC Sylfaen exam: "Patrick has been extremely helpful to me in my preparation for the Sylfaen exam. Our weekly chats in Welsh have been and continue to be an excellent way for me to practice speaking Welsh."


[May 2023]  WJEC/CBAC Mynediad (Private online learner in Birmingham): "Fantastic, friendly, and communicative. Willing to work to your ability and pace, and able to help 'fill in the blanks' on any areas you have questions or concerns. We've been working through the units and it's been fun and enjoyable each class. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to learn Welsh!"


[June 2023] 77-year-old Adult Welsh Learner in Greece (originally from Swansea): WJEC/CBAC Mynediad: "I really enjoyed today's lesson. It made me realise how much we have learnt and why! I found it challenging and a good reminder of things to revise and give importance to. Your tips on exam techniques were useful and reminded me of preparing students in the past for their exams. It is amazing how many students don't pay the necessary attention to small but essential details and don't do well as a result. So thank you for your guidance ... You have helped me very much have always been patient and understanding and gave me an opportunity to try and express myself (often with difficulty). I am also so pleased to have had the chance to learn the  language of my  parents and country. I might have been away for a long time, be getting older but I am proud to be Welsh!!! I enjoy your lessons, appreciate the hard work you put in, your organised and creative presentations and I intend to revise what we have covered ... I have no intention of forgetting what I have learnt. It needed a great effort  and determination on my part. I'm satisfied with what I've done, consider myself blessed and pleased that i found something so beneficial during my isolation during COVID ...  Wishing you all the best in the future, keep up the good work and thank you again."


[March 2023] Adult Welsh Learner: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad online: "Thank you for your excellent teaching skills."


[March 2023] Adult Welsh Learner, preparation for an advanced immersive language course: "Patrick had been helping me brush up on my Welsh. He is very good at explaining the meaning and origins of words which always helps when trying to put things into context. The lesson flies by and I always come away having learned not just new words but a deeper understanding."


[March 2023] Adult Welsh Learner from Leicester over ZOOM: “Having now had five online sessions I can say that Patrick is a most encouraging and knowledgeable tutor. Each lesson is tailored to suit, and the grammar and language explained at every step. Confidence in my ability in the Welsh language is growing weekly. Diolch yn fawr!.”


[December 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad: “I think you are a brilliant teacher.”


[December 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad (from former TEFL Teacher now learning Welsh with me): “Thank you very much for sending the material from each unit and also the other notes etc. I find the visual element in the slides really helps and challenges me .I enjoy learning but find memorizing vocab is difficult and this is where the picture prompts help to jog my memory! Hope  to make progress !  I must say that PowerPoint presentations are much better than all the OHPs I used to make! Thank you again.”


[November 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC (new starter joining to do "revision" several weeks after the course had begun): "Diolch yn fawr i chi am yr ebost. I was very impressed by the material you sent, your lesson plan and your organisation. I must admit I need to revise but think that your methodology will really help me to do so. In my previous class we used little Welsh for instructions etc. and the lessons were very book based. I look forward to joining the class tomorrow."


[August 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad (After first session): “Thank you for making the first session this week really enjoyable. I really am looking forward to carrying on. My little girl came home from school yesterday and one of the first things she asked me (after the standard ‘can I have a drink’ and ‘can I have a snack’) was ‘mammy, did you do your Welsh lesson?’ because she is super excited that I am learning to speak like she does in school. Thanks again, and see you in the next session soon.”


[August 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad (Summer Revision): “Diolch yn fawr Patrick. I have thoroughly enjoyed the revision course. You have been great, very encouraging great teaching method feel I m always on my toes thinking about next answer, even though it’s not my turn. My Welsh has definitely improved. Thank you so much for the wealth of resources you have provided. I will be signing up for the next revision course following Sylfaen. Once again thank you for all your hard work and enjoyable sessions.”


[July 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad (Summer Revision): “Shwmae Patrick! I do so like your teaching style, this info is so structured. Diolch yn fawr!”


[June 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad (4 different learners): “(1) My tutor Patrick Jemmer has been very supportive, listened to what we as a group wanted to do. I appreciate all his hard work in preparing the lesson before hand and presenting it in a way that’s easy to understand. Thank you Patrick ... (2) My tutor Patrick Jemmer is wonderful, so knowledgeable, always responsive to questions and great at explaining. If I had to swap to another tutor I would not continue learning through this medium ... (3) My tutor, Patrick Jemmer, is very helpful and provides lots of additional context and information to support people. As an example a lot of the class like to understand the grammatical reasons behind things and he’ll explain in an accessible way, which doesn’t cause others to disengage ... (4) My tutor is extremely supportive and enthusiastic. Enthusiasm in a tutor (or any teacher) is extremely important and Patrick’s makes us want to learn more.”


[July 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad: “I would like to thank you for all the work you put into the classes and I have certainly learnt a lot. Diolch!”


[June 2022] Adult Learner Welsh: WJEC/CBAC Mynediad/Sylfaen: “We are a group of committed learners who have been together for more than a year now.  We are now up to unit 7 on Sylfaen but feel it would be very helpful if we could, as a group, get onto a Mynediad level 2 revision course – just to cement in what we have learned over the last year. As I said above, we are all committed to learning Welsh, this isn’t a ‘flash in the pan’ thing or just a hobby to pass the time. I can’t stress enough how committed we are and we all take part in a number of learning streams – some together and some not.  For example, Dysgu Cymraeg courses, SSIW, Duolingo and private tuition. We also get together separately from the formal learning to practise speaking and to discuss any difficulties any of us might have. Over the last year we have had experience of quite a few different tutors but the only one we really ‘gel’ with is Patrick Jemmer.  Patrick provides a rounded approach to our learning which incorporates cultural and historical themes which help with the language learning.  Moreover, his deep knowledge of Welsh and Welsh literary history means that he is often able to answer questions that are, frankly, beyond some of the other tutors we have had.  Patrick prepares extremely thoroughly and provides course notes that beautifully supplement the Dysgu Cymraeg coursebooks and build on them.  Moreover, he is sensitive to our individual needs and adjusts his approach accordingly – again this is something we have not universally experienced with other tutors.”


[May 2022] Adult-Learner Welsh (private group): “Fantastic revision material – thanks Patrick – I do know how long it takes to put things like this together: you are a bloke arbennig!”


[April 2022] Adult-Learner Welsh: “Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the preparation and the class itself. You’ve been a wonderful tutor.”


[August 2021] Adult Learner Intensive Welsh (over Zoom): “Well we’re nearly at the end of the course, so I just wanted to say a huge thank you for teaching us and for all the hard work that you’ve put in on our behalf. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, and am pleased with what I’ve learnt coming from absolutely zero in the language. I took up Welsh on a whim during lockdown and it’s been a great focus. I transferred from a very relaxed Mynediad 1 class because I wanted to go a bit faster, and to be honest wondered what I’d got into at first – all that drilling! But I soon came to see the value of it. So thank you for working us so hard.”


[July 2021] Adult Learner Welsh over Zoom from the USA: “I have really appreciated your patience over the past few months as I’m sure sometimes it may seem like you are (as they say over here) ‘herding cats’.”


[June 2021] Adult Learner Welsh after 5 weeks in the Mynediad Hamddenol group: “Thanks, Patrick! I am really enjoying this course. I’ve signed up for a couple of extra courses over summer, so hopefully will get a bit more of a grip of the language.”


[June 2021] Adult Learner Welsh, individual online tuition: “5/5: Great tutor ;-)”


[April 2021] Adult Learner Welsh (comments from several different learners): “You are doing a great job, keep at it! ... The tutor is great, very friendly and helpful. The course is laid out sensibly, makes it easier to advance through the materials. I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family ... It’s been a delightful experience which I’d really hope to continue. A big shout-out to Patrick for making online learning so much fun ... Given my age and the timelapse since my last attempt at learning I am quite happy! ... Patrick has been brilliant teaching via Zoom ... Thanks to Patrick for his guidance in the course ... I just want to say Thank you! Your classes were very fun ... I wanted to say thank you for the course, it has been really great.”


[April 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: “Patrick has been amazing at guiding me through the basics of the Welsh language. He teaches in a very practical way, allowing you to have basic conversations within a few sessions. Very flexible in terms of online teaching, and always answers any questions I have in between lessons. A great teacher.”


[April 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: “5/5: Patrick is a great tutor - he is always prepared with lots of extra resources to help me drill what we are learning and makes the learning fun and enjoyable. Would recommend.”


[February 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: “I have just completed week 3 of Mynediad 1 with Patrick in the new version of the course having previously completed weeks 1, 2 and 3 of the original version. Patrick made the learning of Welsh come alive for me. We had lots of group interaction and repetition helping us adult learners to embed the building blocks of the language.  He ... supported us as we struggled to speak Welsh however hesitantly. The presentation material was also excellent again helping us through supported supervision to speak the language. I am a student of Russian and Spanish also and am fully aware of the struggles of a new language learner and Patrick provided us all with the ammunition necessary to move on to the next stage I have already booked week 4 in April and look forward to meeting Patrick again then.”


[February 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: “I really enjoyed the course, and it didn’t feel like we were doing any drilling and nothing felt repetitive.  It was so much more enjoyable than just doing everything straight from the book.  The presentations you did were amazing and really helped me keep focused, and you must of put so much work into them. I’m very grateful that we have copies of them as they are going to really help with practising! Thank you also for all the other extra bits too. I’m looking forward to going through the Robin Radio transcripts as I have written them all down and translated them, and there were some words and phrases that I just couldn’t get, so they will be a great help.  Also, the question and answer patterns. I was going to go through and write out all the question so I could practise them, so this is a real help and has saved me lots of time!”


[February 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: “I can only echo [other] comments about the week’s course. Both of us had not previously engaged with the new version of the course. The interaction you introduced made it much easier for us to actually speak Welsh rather than just doing drills ... Personally I feel I have learnt more than I could possibly have imagined so thank you for that.”


[February 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: “Excellent course. Well-structured and organised. I loved the strong group interaction and repetitive practice which is perfectly feasible in a small group like ours ... you learn so much more by listening and practising under supportive supervision ... I also thought your presentation material was also excellent. You must have put some prep work into that! ... I thought you were excellent. The best tutor I have come across.”


[January 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: Nomination for “Inspire! Tutor Award” Nomination 3 (External private learner): “Dr Jemmer is self-employed, providing individual tuition to me through his Educational Consultancy service, Study Help UK. He also works as a freelance Tutor in Welsh for Adults at Swansea University (Academi Hywel Teifi), has lectured in Philosophy for Swansea University Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE), and volunteers on the Patient Editorial Board for the Swansea Bay / Bae Abertawe NHS Trust. Dr Patrick Jemmer is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and has a doctorate in chemistry and mathematics from Birmingham University. For 11 years he taught mathematics at the University of Northumbria. As he is a modest man, I had to find all this out by asking him directly: he does not concentrate on publicizing his own achievements but concentrates very firmly on what I need. He has been teaching me Welsh on Skype throughout 2020, and during these weekly sessions he makes use of a wide range of materials from the “CBAC Mynediad / WJEC Entry” course together with a wealth of material he has created or adapted himself. He sends these to me in advance and makes them available on the computer screen, and this really helps my learning experience. His innovative approaches are effective, and because of them I have made more progress in coming to terms with the rudiments of the Welsh language than I expected to. I was a complete beginner, but one with a very strong desire to learn some of this beautiful language, and Patrick has certainly facilitated me in making real progress in this regard – very slowly and patiently, but steadily! Patrick’s fine teaching, related to a mastery of the requisite IT skills, ensure that I have a basis for taking the examinations when/if they are restored in the future. In my experience, Dr Jemmer has the true marks of sound tutor, which are patience, discretion, and an unassuming manner combined with authentic humility. Moreover, he is someone of extensive scholarship, and his fluency in colloquial and literary Welsh is certainly correlated to the reading and general knowledge of a polymath, versed thoroughly in physics and mathematics – the true measure of intelligence. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending him for the ‘Inspire! Tutor Award’.”


[January 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: Nomination for “Inspire! Tutor Award”. Nomination 2 (Swansea University Welsh for Adults learner): “Patrick has presented the complex topic of the Welsh language to his students in such a way that, though some of us had no knowledge of Welsh beforehand, we feel enthusiastic and confident about gaining a level of proficiency that will enable us to converse with Welsh people in their own language. Patrick is persistently encouraging to pull me through any difficulties and offers his time outside class freely to assist with any difficulties or to provide additional practice opportunities.  He also prepares separate teaching materials, e.g. presentations based on the reference material but enhanced to make them more valuable to walk through during classes. Patrick also encourages us to use Welsh outside our class, including making use of the resources in the Using My Welsh programme.”


[January 2021] Adult Learner Welsh: Nomination for “Inspire! Tutor Award”. Nomination 1 (Swansea University Welsh for Adults learner): “Patrick is extremely dedicated to our Welsh for Adults class. He creates hundreds of slides for each lesson, marks our homework and sends emails with classes / educational events we could benefit from each week. We are not his only class. Welsh is not Patrick’s first language. The dedication and encouragement he shows each week is unbelievable especially when it is close to 9pm and we are all tired: he inspired us to push on to the finish. Patrick has certainly facilitated my learning experience and I am keen to keep learning Welsh. The numbers in our class have not dwindled and we are almost halfway through the course which shows that I am not the only member of the class who feels this way.”


[September 2020] Anne, an adult learner studying Welsh via SKYPE says: “Patrick Jemmer, my Welsh tutor, is amazing” and adds “It’s a good course [the CBAC / WJEC Cwrs Mynediad] – very different from any language learning I’ve done before – and you are an excellent teacher!


Cymraeg: Cymorth Astudio

Rwy'n gallu helpu gydag iaith a llenyddiaith Gymraeg. Rwy'n gweithio gyda chleientau'n cynnwys rhai'n sefyll arholiadau TGAU, oedolion yn cychwyn ar eu "taith iaith," a phobl sy'n medru'r iaith ac yn moyn ymarfer a magu hyder.

Dechreuais i ddysgu'r Gymraeg sawl blwyddyn yn ôl yn Nhŷ Tawe yng Nghanol Dinas Abertawe. Dw i'n dwlu ar yr iaith, ac yn mwynhau astudio'n fawr iawn. 'Nes i sefyll yr arholiad Safon Uwch ar gyfer Siaradwyr Ail Iaith fis Mehefin 2017, gan ennill "rhagoriaeth." Rwy hefyd wedi ennill "rhagoriaeth" mewn cyrsiau uwch a ddarparwyd ar lein gan Brifysgol Abertawe ("Cwrs Gloywi"), a Phrifysgol Aberystwyth ("Cwrs Graenus").


Yn 2016 fe dderbyniais i anrhydedd mawr pan enillais i wobr yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol o'r enw "Tlws Rhyddiaith y Dysgwyr".


Ges i fy apwyntio fel Tiwtor yn y Gymraeg i Oedolion ym mis Ionawr 2020 yn gweithio i Academi Hywel Teifi ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe. Rwy hefyd yn defnyddio'r iaith i helpu myfyrwyr ysgol sy'n astudio Cymraeg, a gwyddoniaeth a mathemateg drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg.


Rwy’n gweithio ers 2017 fel gwirfoddolwr i’r cylchgrawn digidol ar-lein o’r enw Parallel.Cymru, gan ddarparu erthyglau, ysgrifennu creadigol, a helpu gyda golygu, chyfieithu a darllen proflenni, ac wedi ennill profiad gwych drwy ‘neud hyn. Rwy wedi cyfieithu’r tudalennau mwyaf poblogaidd ar y wefan, “Ask Dr Gramadeg” o’r Saesneg i’r Gymraeg, ac yn sgil hyn, yn 2019, rwy wedi cael fy nhalu drwy grant gan Gyngor Llyfrau Cymru i ddarparu rhagor o enghreifftiau ar gyfer yr adnodd addysgol hwn, yn ogystal â llawer o gynnwys arall.


Ges i fy enwebu gan bedwar myfyriwr / grŵp gwahanol (dau grŵp yn y brifysgol, a dau fyfyriwr preifat) ar gyfer "Gwobr Tiwtor Ysbrydoli!" yn 2021.  Ges i fy enwebu eto yn 2022, gan grwpiau preifat a hefyd yn y brifysgol, a chyrhaeddais i'r rownd derfynol y tro 'ma. 


Dwedodd cymeradwyaeth 2021:


"Hoffem ni yn y Sefydliad Dysgu a Gwaith eich llongyfarch am eich holl gyflawniadau. Rydym yn sicr yn cydnabod y gwaith rhagorol  yr ydych yn ei wneud, a'ch penderfynoldeb amlwg yn mynd gan ymhellach i gefnogi ac ysbrydoli eich dysgwyr i wireddu eu nodau a'u breuddwydion ... Rydym yn ddiolchgar am eich cefnogaeth a'ch ymrwymiad yn hyrwyddo rôl dysgu gydol oes yng Nghymru."


Yn 2023, derbyniais i'r adborth:


"Er na chawsoch eich dewis fel enillydd terfynol y wobr, hoffem ni yn y Sefydliad Dysgu a Gwaith eich llongyfarch ar eich llwyddiant fel ymgeisydd terfynol. Fel ymgeisydd terfynol, roeddech yn un o grŵp bach o diwtoriaid gafodd eu hystyried gan ein panel o arbenigwyr. Mae gan y panel waith eithriadol o anodd yn dewis enillydd ac nid oedd eleni yn eithriad. Rydym yn cydnabod effaith y gwaith rhagorol yr ydych yn ei wneud, yn cyfrannu at y sector addysg oedolion a’ch ymrwymiad i fynd y tu hwnt i’r disgwyliadau, i gefnogi ac ysbrydoli eich dysgwyr i drawsnewid eu bywydau trwy addysg oedolion. Diolch am rannu eich stori a’ch cyflawniadau yng Ngwobrau Tiwtoriaid Ysbrydoli! Rydym yn ddiolchgar am eich cefnogaeth a’ch ymroddiad yn hyrwyddo rôl dysgu gydol oes yng Nghymru."


Yn 2022, ges i'r anrhydedd o gael fy enwebu am "Wobr y Canghellor" ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe gan grŵp preifat o fyfyrwyr yn astudio Cymraeg i Oedolion, yn y categori "Cyfraniadau blaenllaw at rôl ein Prifysgol fel eiriolwr ar ran etifeddiaeth a diwylliant yng Nghymru." Ro'n i wedi dysgu'r grŵp hwn yn y Brifysgol (ar gwrs Mynediad CBAC), a nes i barhau i weithio gyda nhw ar eu cais (ar gwrs Sylfaen CBAC) pan nad oedd yn bosib trefnu dosbarthiadau swyddogol addas eraill. Dyn ni erbyn hyn hanner ffordd trwy'r cwrs, ac yn edrych ymlaen at fynd ati i astudio Cyrsiau Canolradd ac Uwch yn y dyfodol!  


Gweler:       Parallel Cymru       Ysgrifennu Creadigol