Reviews: Science / Maths / English

I have enjoyed helping many people succeed and achieve their goals in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Here is a selection of the unsolicited feedback I have been provided with by these clients.

[September 2023] GCSE WJEC Physics (Welsh-medium): "[Ll] had an A* with his physics so delighted with that. Thank you for the hard work with him, it's definitely paid off."


[August 2023] GCSE WJEC Maths / Numeracy resit"Hi Patrick , just messaging to say thank you for the help during the year I have now passed both maths and numeracy with a C and a B. Thank you for the sessions, just thought I’d let you know how it went. Kind regards, [H]."


[August 2023] GCSE WJEC Chemistry, Biology & Physics: "[A] got A* physics, A biology, A chemistry ... Thanks and see you very soon."


[August 2023]  A-Level WJEC Chemistry, Biology & Maths: "Hi there, hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I had 4 A's in my AS levels. Full [Uniform Mark Scheme] in biology and Maths and 10 points off full UMS in chemistry and physics. Thank you for all your help and support, it's really appreciated. I'll get back to you regarding tutoring lessons soon if that's okay. Many thanks, [S]"


[August 2023] EDEXCEL A-Level Maths resit: "Dear Patrick: Yesterday I was extremely happy to find out that I secured my place at Cardiff to study architecture. Thank you so much for all your help. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. Many many thanks, [T]."


[August 2023] A-Level WJEC Chemistry, Biology & Maths: "Hi, Just emailing to say thank you for the help over the last two years, you have been very helpful for achieving my goals at A level. I have come out with an A in chemistry and [A in] maths and an A* in biology. Kind Regards, [W]."


[August 2023]  A-Level WJEC Chemistry & Biology: "Just wanted to say thank you so much for the help you gave me this year it helped me so much.  I got B B C this year and that was enough to get me on applied medical science in Swansea. Hopefully your other students will benefit from you like I did. Thanks, [S}. "


[August 2023] WJEC A-Level Biology / Chemistry: "Hi Patrick. Just a note to say huge thanks for all your hard work with [M]. She has a place in Cardiff for Medicine. A* A* A. Cheers!"


[July 2023] A-Level AQA Chemistry/Biology & EDEXCEL Maths: "Patrick has helped my daughter immensely since he started tutoring her for her A-levels. She says he’s a good teacher and she enjoys her lessons with him. He teaches her a few subjects and she says he’s very knowledgeable and that it shows in the way he teaches.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


[June 2023]  A-Level AQA Chemistry & EDEXCEL Maths: "Dear Dr Patrick: Thank you very much for everything. [A] was really happy with you. Her exam[s] will finish on Friday. Are you doing Physics tuition for A Level? My son need[s help] from October or November. Thank you. Kind regards [A]'s mum."


[June 2023] WJEC GCSE Triple Science / Maths: "I just want to thank you for all the support you have given [H] over the past few years, I know he has valued your assistance in his sessions and we as his parents have appreciated how accommodating you have been in the range of subjects ... we feel that with your help he has given himself the best chance of achieving his potential ... Thanks again for everything."


[May 2023] A-Level AQA Chemistry/Biology & EDEXCEL Maths: "Thank you for confirming an extra hour weekly ... The benefits of your tutoring and [O]'s studying are evident in her recent results ... Kindest regards."


[May 2023]  WJEC A-Level Chemistry & Biology: "Thank you ever so much for your help with chemistry and biology you have shed a lot of light on the topics we have covered. All the best."


[May 2023] WJEC A-Level Chemistry & Biology: "Very many thanks for all the time, energy and enthusiasm you’ve given to helping [M] with her studies. She seems much calmer this year and more confident in her preparations than she did last year ... Many thanks again, cheers." 


[December 2022] WJEC GCSE: "My son has just started Biology tutoring with Patrick and so far he finds his support excellent. As a parent I had great comm[unication] with Patrick. He is well organised, always keen to discuss and adapt to specific requirements, supply pre-lesson material, and in general maintain a good flow of comm[unications] with my son between lessons. My son [is looking] forward to continue[d] tutoring with Patrick, with the goal of improving his results. Thanks Patrick!"


[August 2022] Physics and Welsh Second Language WJEC GCSE: "I am very grateful to Patrick. He is very organised with lessons, puts a lot of efforts and [is] a[n] experienced professional My daughter is very happy with his GCSE tutoring. She doesn’t struggle anymore with Physics and Welsh. We will continue. Definitely recommend to anyone who would like to understand better subjects or have good grades. Thank you, Patrick."


[October 2022] WJEC A-Level Biology: "I just wanted to let you know I got an A* in my A-Level Biology! Thank you so much for all your tutoring ... I am so pleased with my grades ... I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a tutor. Thank you!"


[August 2022] WJEC GCSE: "[I would like to] tell you that [C] had: Biology A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A (she was 2 marks off A*), Maths both papers A*, and a Distinction in the Additional paper."


[August 2022] WJEC GCSE: "Dear Patrick. We would just like to share the GCSE results with you: Welsh Second Language (A); Chemistry (A"); Physics (A*); Biology (A*). Thank you for your support. We are always grateful to you."


[August 2022] WJEC GCSE: "[E] got A*s in maths and physics and As in biology and chemistry ... he's delighted with himself ... Thanks for your help."


[August 2022] WJEC GCSE: "Huge thanks for tutoring [D] in maths and especially physics. He has passed both with Bs. Thank you again."


[August 2022] WJEC GCSE"Hi there ... Hope you are having a nice summer. I had my results today and I just wanted to let you know that I [got an] A*. Thank you so much for your all your help and support with Chemistry. Hope to get in touch with you soon."


[August 2022] WJEC A-Level: "Hi there I'm really happy with my results: I got an A in Maths; C in Physics ... Thanks for the tutoring I got into Cardiff :)"


[August 2022] WJEC A-Level: "Hi Patrick, hope you’re well. I got my A level results today and just wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the last year as I am very happy to say I got an A* in Biology!"


[August 2022] WJEC A-Level: "Thank you so much for all the help you gave me without you I don’t think I would’ve done as well as I did I got BCC [Chemistry, Biology, Maths] but the exams were really hard ... I really appreciate everything you did in our sessions and outside them."


[June 2022] WJEC Sciences GCSE: "Supportive. Helped my daughter a lot in her Sciences for GCSE, highly recommended." 5/5 Rating


[June 2022] WJEC Physics A-Level: "Patrick has been an excellent tutor for my son the last few months. The lessons are planned prior to the session and work is also provided. There has been areas in Physics that my son has struggled with when taught in school but once shown by Patrick in an online session, completely understood! I would hugely recommend Patrick as a tutor, my son really does find him brilliant and does not only thoroughly enjoy the sessions, but is now enjoying Physics as a lesson too.5/5 Rating


[May 2022] WJEC Chemistry GCSE: "[Student] Hello there, hope you are well. I had my chemistry exam on Friday and I think it was reasonable. I was able to finish in time and I checked over my answers. Overall, I think that it went well. Thank you very much for all your help, it is very much appreciated ... [Mum] Thank you so much for helping [S] with chemistry. His exam went ok and he's very grateful for your help. Thanks."


[March 2022] Edexcel International GCSE Science (Mum writing from China): "Dr Jemmer is very good, very reliable, very well plan ahead before the lesson, no time wasting and my son engaged so well and really enjoyed the lesson." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


[November 2021] A-Level Maths WJEC: "Patrick has been a huge help to my daughter. He explains everything clearly, always has work sheets available. He’s very approachable and supportive. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


[November 2021] GCSE Science and English WJEC: "Patrick has been a wonderful tutor for my son, the quality of tutoring and support he has given has been brilliant. Patrick has been able to provide tutoring on a range of different subjects with quality support materials being provided in each case, this has improved my son's confidence and helped him with his school work." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


[November 2021] A-Level Physics WJEC: "Patrick is an excellent tutor who is supporting my son with his A level physics. The feedback from my son being 'Patrick really knows his stuff' … he has an efficient no-nonsense approach which works well with my son. He also forwards material prior to the session to facilitate maximum learning … overall son feels it’s having a very positive impact.." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


[November 2021] GCSE Physics WJEC: "Patrick has worked wonders in improving my son's confidence and his ability to answer exam questions. It has definitely been a grade changer!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


[October 2021] A-Level Biology WJEC: "My daughter is finding the A level Biology tutoring really helpful and says that Patrick explains things well. She particularly finds going over past papers very useful. He has also sent her lots of good resources for helping her revise topics."  5/5 Rating


[October 2021] GCSE Maths WJEC: "Patrick has amazing qualities and is a good tutor, he has the ability to communicate in a way that makes my 15 year old son feel motivated, enthusiastic and confident in his ability to master Maths after he lost a lot of confidence and he now enjoys whatever challenges come along. He allows my son to contact him if he is struggling, my son enjoys his lessons, he is flexible and accommodating to both our and our son's needs. I would highly recommend Patrick." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


[October 2021] GCSE Physics WJEC: "[Test] results in: 86% in paper. Top of class, so thank you!"


[October 2021] GCSE Triple Science AQA: "5/5. High standard of tutoring. Provides clear and easy to understand explanations of the subject topics. Patient and knowledgeable. Thank you, Patrick." 


[July 2021] GCSE Maths and English: "I would like to thank you for all of your help in tutoring [J] over the last 2 years ... I really appreciate the time and effort spent by yourself and think you did a great job with him for his GCSEs. My sister is currently looking for a tutor for her son who is struggling with maths and English GCSE, would it be ok to pass your details across to her?"


[July 2021] GCSE Biology, Chemistry, and Physics: "We would like to thank you for your support through out the year. We will get in touch in early September when schools restart."


[June 2021] GCSE Maths: "Just to let you know [B] had Maths A, Maths Numeracy B. Thanks again for all your support."


[June 2021] A-Level Biology (B) and Maths (B): "Just thought u would let you know my exam results [Biology (B) and Maths (B)], just wanted to say a huge thank you to you as your help was very much appreciated and don’t think I could have done without it so thank you! [UNIVERSITY] HERE WE COME!"


[June 2021] GCSE Physics: "Just to say that [L[ has been awarded an A in physics. Many thanks for all your help. I will be delighted to pas on your details to friends needing tutoring. I am sure there will be a few!"


[June 2021] Chemistry for BSc Pharmacy Degree: "The exam that you helped me with is tomorrow ... I feel that ... the worksheets you have sent me have been of much benefit in what I need to do for the rest of the time I have to revise. Thank you for all the help and I will be in touch if I need any help in future."


[June 2021] A-Level Maths and Biology: "Hi Patrick, just wanted to say a big thank you for all your tutoring for [G] during the pandemic. We have been so grateful for your regular, reliable twice weekly sessions which have helped keep him positive and working hard for his A levels. This has been so important during the huge changes and uncertainties of school over the pandemic. Very many thanks ."


[May 2021] A-Level Biology: "Just wanted to let you know my exam went well today, your help's been amazing! Can’t believe this week will be our last session, you’ve helped me more than you know! ... Been mega busy since finishing my exam but wanted to let you know it went really well!  Just wanted to say thank you again and let you know how much I appreciate all the help you’ve given me since September, I really couldn’t have done it without you! I’ll update you when I receive my grades and let you know how it all goes ... I just wanted to let you know I’ve had my results and I got a B in biology meaning I’ll be able to go to University in September! Thank you so much for all your help, you don’t know how much it’s helped me! Thank you so much."


[May 2021] GCSE Maths: "The work you have done with [B] the last couple of years has been really helpful."


[February 2021] "Patrick was excellent and my daughter benefitted a lot from his input [in A-Level Maths and Physics]. He was prepared and willing to go that extra mile. He was available by email at any time and very supportive and helped my daughter's confidence. If my daughter needs more help I would not hesitate to contact him again."


[February 2021] "[A-Level Biology] I would 100% recommend Patrick, I have seen him almost every week since September and have gained so much confidence in my knowledge and ability to apply it. He is always positive and encouraging no matter the depth of your understanding on a topic. He provides clear and concise notes for each topic you ask about and the questions are relevant to the topic and the exam board you`re attached to." 5/5 Rating


[December 2020] "You are an excellent teacher and have helped [J] to achieve incredible marks this term. He has achieved A*s in all [GCSE] subjects so far and that has been helped significantly by you."


[October 2020] Dennis, an educational consultant from China says: "Patrick is a very professional tutor and nice person. I feel lucky to find him."


[September 2020] "Very strong support for many subjects across the range of exam boards I had encountered. Especially thankful for Patrick’s unique insight into study and exam practice which was integral to my exam success. Alongside subject specific tutoring Patrick guided me into areas of reading and techniques needed for my interview to study at Oxford. Patrick’s help shows in the results as my interview was successful and I went on to achieve A*A*A*. Contacting Patrick for tutoring really was the best decision to accelerate my studies."


[August 2020] A-Level Biology WJEC "Adapts lessons to requests at short notice and is very flexible." 5/5 Rating


[August 2020] "Dear Patrick ... [you helped me] with tutor sessions for my analytical chemistry and spectroscopy exams [in my University Forensic Science and Criminology degree course] ... I just thought I'd let you know that I've passed my degree with a 2:1 and wanted to thank you again for all your help."


[July 2020] "A very responsive and engaged tutor. Quick responses, good materials. My son is looking forward to the sessions [in GCSE Maths], and this is during the holidays! I am extremely pleased we found Patrick, I looked at many tutors and he ticked all my boxes and more than lived up to expectations."


[June 2020] "Patrick is a very experienced and reliable teacher [in A-Level Chemistry]. He is highly professional. He has been very helpful and supportive in the lessons for my daughter. We highly recommend him."


[June 2020] "Patrick is organized and reliable. Although he only tutored my daughter for a few sessions [in A-Level Chemistry] due to the current [Coronavirus] circumstances, when he did she found her time with him very helpful. Would recommend!"


[March 2020] "Patrick is extremely knowledgeable, he has lots of resources, and is helping my son gain confidence in [A-Level] Physics topics. I would highly recommend him.5/5 Rating


[February 2020] Joe McAnelly of Counselling and Therapy Consultants Ltd says: "Patrick Jemmer was an invaluable tutor in assisting me in managing courses whilst he was in Newcastle. He is dedicated, caring, knowledgeable and an excellent teacher and communicator and would recommend his tutorial abilities to any prospective pupil."


[February 2020] "[F] is finding her Chemistry [A-Level] tutoring sessions very helpful. Please continue in this format - Chemistry past papers on a topic basis."


[February 2020] "Patrick has helped and is continuing to help me with A-Level Biology. He is an experienced tutor and explains the appropriate information well and with clarity. I would highly recommend this tutor as he is kind and an effective tutor ;-)" 5/5 Rating


[January 2020] "Thank you, your sessions really are helping and [J]'s grades [in GCSE English] are showing it!" 


[January 2020] Katie says: "I was finding A-Level Statistics very confusing as many of the challenging concepts were not fully explained in college. However, after just a few months of Patrick's assistance I already feel so much more confident in my studies. The topics which previously found daunting have been explained to me in such a clear and effective manner. Patrick goes out of his way to help and the practice questions he provides have been invaluable to my understanding of each topic. Patrick is an excellent tutor and I cannot recommend him highly enough."


In March 2020, she adds, "You have probably heard already about what's happening with exams. Just wanted to thank you so so much for everything you have done for me, I can't thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me, I would 100% come back to you again in the future, you really boosted my confidence with the statistics and I felt ready to sit the exam this year whereas last year i was struggling so much." (Katie has gone on to study Biological Sciences at university)


[November 2019] "Nice and chill tutor would recommend to anyone that wants to excel in English or Maths [GCSE]." 5/5 Rating


[October 2019] "Very knowledgeable and a great choice for GCSE Sciences."  5/5 Rating


[August 2019] "Thought you would like to know that [K] got a B in her AS Maths exam. Thank you for your help and no doubt she'll be wanting more tutoring next year before her final exams. PS, B on both papers."


[May 2019] "Very approachable knowledgeable Tutor that has increased my daughter's confidence ready for her exams [in A-Level Chemistry]." 5/5 Rating


[September 2018] "He is such a kind and helpful person who really wants to help you as much as he can! His way of teaching is so simple and understanding and makes everything so much easier to learn."


[September 2018] "I just wanted to let you know that I passed and I'm so grateful for your time and the help you gave me to get through the resits [in 1st Year University Organic Chemistry]. I'm so happy! ... Thanks again you've really put me through this year and I'm just so grateful."


[August 2018] "I have passed all my exams and have achieved a B grade in [GCSE] English. Thank you so much for your help. Could you call ... regarding tuition [for my brother]?"


August [2018] "Thank you for all the time and your commitment with [J in his GCSE studies], he had B in all three sciences."


[August 2018] "Thought you would like to know that I got A*BB (with A* in Maths and B in Further [through the medium of Welsh]). Thanks for all the help it made a big difference. I'm happy with my B in Further although I'm only 7 marks off an A. The Uni accepted me straight away."


[July 2018] "Just wanted to say a huge thank you [for the help with BTEC Science / Chemistry]! I’ve passed all my assignments and exams with top marks and I couldn’t thank you enough. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. You’ve been an amazing help and I shall be going to Cardiff University now in September.  I’ll be studying Biomedical Sciences ... Well you taught me ways in which helped me to understand the work as I found the methods my teachers used were hard to understand. And you use examples of in real life situations which I thought was interesting and helped "


[May 2018] "Dear Patrick: About a year and a half ago I was looking for tutors for my son [J] to support him with his triple science and maths GCSEs. You were recommended to me by a family friend as you were tutoring her daughter for her GCSEs who was finding your sessions extremely helpful. My son while an able student was struggling with his confidence and finding the lessons in school did not allow time for questioning to help him fully process and understand what he was being taught. After the first session with you he came home saying how helpful it had been. [J] felt you explained clearly the processes, theories and concepts with in chemistry, physics and biology and equations in maths. [J] found being able to reflect and review his class work with you helpful but also enjoyed the conversations around each subject that added to and increased his knowledge base. It was wonderful the day he came home from one of your sessions feeling very proud and told me 'I've got it.' [J] also told me he feels you prepared him well for managing exam conditions. Patrick you  have been patient and understood both his academic and personal needs as a student, which has had  a significant impact on his confidence in his own academic abilities. With out this he would not have been able to reach his full potential and achieved the grades he needed to progress. I am very grateful for all the work you have done with [J] and I know he has found his time with you invaluable. As a parent the quality of your teaching and support has reduced my anxiety for my son which in turn has reduced the tension that can occur in families at exam time. As [J] goes further into his academic career I am happy that there is someone who he can access support from with the knowledge that you have already had a positive impact on his learning. We wish you well for the future."


[November 2017] "Excellent. Patrick is extremely thorough [with the Degree-level Chemistry Tuition]. Nothing is too much trouble and he is always well prepared. Patrick is happy to be contacted between sessions and is highly supportive. I would recommend unreservedly." 5/5 Rating


[April 2017] "Thank you [for the help with the 1st Year Degree-level Engineering Tuition]. I would recommend your services." 5/5 Rating


[August 2017] "Hi Patrick, just to let you know I got into uni with AAB and got the B in [A-Level] Physics I needed. Just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me last year, really helped."


[August 2017] "I'm so incredibly thankful for your tutoring. Your patience, effort and time has been second to none. Last year I received a D in [A-Level] Maths, and now with your help this year had an A*. I can't emphasize the extent you have helped me. I previously wasn't able to study economics at university like I wanted because I wasn't predicted a B in Maths. I was able to go through adjustment to now study this ... To break down what I got, last year I had a B in C1 this year I was 2 marks off full marks. A week before starting tutoring with you I received 3 marks' total on an M1 mock, I received an A in my actual exam. I had a U in C3 last year 6 marks on entire paper, this year I was again less than 10 marks off full marks on the paper. I am extremely grateful! If there is anywhere I can leave a review to ensure you continue to receive students in positions like I was let me know!"


[August 2017] "[E] did really well in her [Science] GCSEs and your tutoring was extremely helpful. She has just started in 6th Form and settling in so would it be OK to contact you ... for some AS tutoring?"


[August 2017] "Hi Patrick! Got an A overall in Maths [A-Level]! Thank you very much."


[August 2017] "Thank you for the time you have given [J]. The support has made a difference [and he has got A, B, and C in his Science GCSEs]."


[August 2017] "Hi ... picked up my results today and had two Cs (30 marks more than last year) in my [A-Level] Maths Mechanics! Just like to say thanks for the sessions you were a great help."


[August 2016] "I would like to let you know that your help with my [University] reisits [in Mathematical Physics] has worked out well, and I have now passed my Finals and can graduate. Thank you for all your time working out the past paper solutions and explaining them to me."


[August 2016] "Thank you very much for all the help! It was really useful to be able to do Chem, Physics and Maths [A-Level] with you. I got AAB, and am just starting in Uni, so fingers crossed!"


[June 2015] "Reliable, good exam advice, enthusiastic, my son has really enjoyed his [distance-learning GCSE Physics] lessons and has learnt loads  Thanks Patrick."


[November 2014] "Patrick is exactly what [J] needs to support his Double A-Level Maths studies at school. Efficient and works at a fast pace. Enthusiastic about his subject and flexible to needs. I have the confidence that my son will achieve his necessary grades with Patrick's help and some intensive practice prior to the exams."


[August 2014] "I got my [GCSE Maths and Science] results back today and I'm pleased and just wanted to thank you again for your help I wouldn't have got the marks I've got without you."

[August 2014] "Just to let you know I had As in my two maths [A-Levels] ... Thank you very much for all your help, my whole maths work improved so much from all your work that I can't thank you enough for it. So now I'm off to Cardiff in September for Mech Eng."

[August 21014] "Just wanted to say thank you: [L] got a B Maths; B Biology; C Chem; C Physics. Very proud and thank you for all your help [with the GCSEs]."

[March 2014] "Hi there. Really good news. [R]  got her English [A-Level] resit result. She went from an E to an A. Thank you very much for your help.  And I know she also worked really hard."


[August 2014] "Thanks to your help [K] has attained A maths B in physics [GCSE]."

[June 2012] "I write in support of Patrick Jemmer’s application for admission to Fellowship of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. My Son [G] found his mathematics A level course challenging and we had sourced tutoring for him previously that did not achieve a great deal due to the tutoring style, however, [G] was determined to grasp the concepts required and requested that we source an alternative tutor. I approached Patrick who, through his role with Study Help UK, felt that he could embark on a programme with my Son. [G] was inspired by Patrick's knowledge and passion for the subject and in particular his ability to explain what the questions were asking of him by using a variety of scenario based methods. This allowed [G] to gain a wider understanding of how to plan and approach the calculations required and enabled him to visualise the question, made them come alive in a multi dimensional way rather than just as plan text on an exam paper. Having set the scene Patrick was very effective at assisting [G] with methodology tactics explaining different formats that really worked well for [G]  in getting to grip with complex subject areas. Patrick really is a role model and ambassador for mathematics, he is always professional in his approach and willing to assist above and beyond the traditional student / tutor partnership and has a genuine interest in creating knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence amongst his students. I believe that he has taught [G] more than just subject content, he has shown him a gateway to study and mindset skills that will remain with [G] for the duration of his studies."

[June 2012] "Mr Jemmer has tutored my daughter [I] for two examinations in AS level mathematics during the course of this academic year. [I]'s feedback to me is that Mr Jemmer is an excellent teacher and he has been able to cover each of the topics in the exam in a methodical way that has been of great benefit to [her] and improved her confidence."