About Study Help

I work on Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and English with clients of all ages who want help with qualifications raging from Key Stage 3, through GCSE to A-Level. I have also worked with several undergraduate and postgraduate students who needed expert guidance regarding university-level work.


I love expressing creativity through learning and understanding new things, and strive to excel in sharing insight and in helping others to succeed in all their educational goals.


Education is a great gift and can be a wonderful experience under the right conditions for teacher and learner. I have received training in teaching and learning, and in aspects of psychotherapy and communication, and this helps to inform the ways I work with each individual.


My approach is to work alongside learners with the aim of facilitating them to discover and develop their own most suitable strategies and techniques for achieving their goals. These goals can be very diverse: to feel more confident, to boost grades, to improve general skills, to pass specific exams, to gain entry to Universities, to write better reports, or to master specific subjects or areas.


For me, “good learning” is not just about “passing the exam” but also about developing skills which are genuinely enriching to the individual, and useful throughout life. And, “good learning” does not have to be a “hard slog” – it can be “fun” whilst also achieving serious and lasting results.


I am very down-to-earth, friendly, open, and approachable. I always take into account the learner's age, experience, starting-level and needs, and am very hard-working and adaptable in finding new and appropriate ways to get the required results for each individual.


I regularly ask for detailed feedback on my own performance as an educator, and on the students' experience as learners in order to fine-tune my activities to optimise outcomes. I "do my homework" each week, too! I am also happy to be available (as appropriate) for telephone, e-mail, or e-conferencing consultations between face-to-face sessions to facilitate the learning experience.